Nexus Mods & Status Update

Hey, I have uploaded the mod to the Nexus Mods' Resident Evil HD page so, if you don't like the current download methods, you can use their service to get the mod. Here's the link:
I've also added a Mediafire single-link mirror to the download page.

About the mod:
It's still being worked on, but the progress has slow down quite a bit because I'm really busy with irl stuff. However, I expect to post some progress update in a few weeks. Here's a small breakdown of how are things at the moment:
Backgrounds: I'm redoing some of the worst looking backgrounds of the v1.0 release, restoring some losts details and fixing some shimmering issues with the animated backgrounds. That takes quite time because I need to manually do it with the graphics tablet and in the case of the animated backgrounds, most of them have 30 frames per background so it's really laborious.3D Objects: Until the background…

March 6 Progress Update

Hey, I’m back with a small progress update. Keep in mind that the v1.5 update is about tweaking and improving the backgrounds, so don’t expect big changes. Also, the 3D Objects are taking more time than I expected it would because some of the upscales are not good at all and I’m recreating those textures. That said, here are the news:

New upscaled backgrounds:This room has been remade with new Gigapixel and ESRGAN upscales and manual tweaks. This is the only image I’m showing because the improvements of the other textures aren’t that noticeable (fullscreen comparison available here): Fixes on Capcom’s new backgrounds.Fixed cut backgrounds, missing vegetation and halos around trees on several courtyard backgrounds, including the infamous courtyard's pool cut trees:Comparison 1Comparison 2Comparison 3Comparison 43D Objects:I’m still tweaking it a bit, but it’s mostly the definitive texture (fullscreen comparison available here).
I also want to show a little teaser of something that may…

Status Update

Hey there, I hope you all are enjoying the mod because this project is not done yet. After the release of the v1.0 I have been working on the next version of the mod and the next update, v1.5, will include:

UI improvements with support for Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish languages. The current mods only work with the English version, so I plan to include the rest of languages without needing external mods.An install check from the main menu to easily show that the mod is correctly installed. Improved and tweaked backgrounds by combining new Gigapixel upscales with ESRGAN ones (fullscreen comparison here): Some backgrounds manually improved by using a graphics tablet: It will also include some fixes that I didn’t notice for the first release due to them being small parts of Capcom’s new backgrounds (fullscreen comparison here): Upscaled textures for the 3D interactable models (statues, moving walls, etc.). The HD Remaster textur…

Release Time

What is REupscale project?

REupscale project is a mod that upscales and corrects, using Topaz’s A.I. Gigapixel, the background textures of Resident Evil HD Remaster. The textures are the kept at the same original resolution (1920x1440) but they are obtained by downsampling images twice that resolution. Some textures use the Gamecube original source (~90%) while others are upscaled from the HD Remastered texture (~10%).
Here are a few screenshots showing the results:

I have set two gallery pages. One contains some screenshots comparing it with the original, both in-game and some textures, and the other a few videos of the mod in action.

Status of the Mod

The mod is complete, therefore, the whole game is fully playable from start to finish, but I can't guarantee that it's a bug-free experience. So far, I have completed a run with Jill and I'm in the middle of one with Chris and I have yet to find any bug that wasn't present in the original game.
Edit (06/02): Finished the run w…