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  1. Hey is it normal for the objects in the L shaped hallway in the art room to look this strange? Look worse than in the original for me https://i.imgur.com/Wrpd7bI.jpg

    Wondering if I messed up during installation doubt it though, I realize it's a room you visit once and don't return to though, also is there any recommended AA setting that works best with the new textures?

    1. Yes, it's normal, don't worry. You can see here a comparison between both textures https://i.imgur.com/Dl2f0rv.png so there's nothing wrong with your installation. It looks a tad blurry in-game due to the post-process and the aspect ratio, it should look crisper in 4:3.
      And regarding the AA, go with regular FXAA and if you have an NVIDIA GPU, you could try using NVIDIA Inspector to force SGSSAA or MSAA.

    2. Alright thanks a lot for the suggestions!


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